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Leftfield Studios is an award winning amateur film company. We bring you the best in strange but weird comedies. Since 2002 we have been producing stop motion films using toy plastic bricks as our characters. Since 2006 we have been producing live films as well.

Check out many of our videos on our YouTube page, or browse this site for updates and all our videos!





After years of non-production, we present our latest film... Meet the BeatLess!

2010: Our newest short film delves into the mysterious science of Mind Control... or perhaps its the other way around?

2010: A short clip from The Great Disturbance was included in the dockumentary The People vs. George Lucas. Check it out!


An update? Am I serious? Well, for the first time in something like 4 years we here at Leftfield Studios are proud to release a video of the lego persuasion. It has less than 30 seconds of footage, but it's a start! The studio is up and running again, and we hope to bring you some longer and more involved films in a few, or several, months. Anyway, here is A Rhapsody in Blue.


After a very long time in post production, we are proud to present the finale to Season 1 of Spaced Out. Episode 4: Spleen of Darkness is now available here. Join Dirk as he encounters an old comrade, mystical entities, and the mysterious "terror"!


Many of our films are now also available on YouTube. There are links to them throughout this site or you can go to http://www.youtube.com/user/LeftfieldStudios to check them out.


We are proud to release our latest episode in the Spaced Out series "The Santa Trap", just in time for Christmas. Watch it here


We received our prizes for winning Brickfilmsfestivalen, a lego set and an awesome personalized hockey jersey for team MODO, the local hockey team of the town where the festival was. Here's a picture of me wearing it. Go MODO! 


Earlier this month, Special Deliverance , subtitled in Swedish, was shown at Brickfilmsfestivalen in Sweden. It even won the Audience Best Film Award at the festival.


Billy did in fact appear on ABC briefly, as did segments of The Great Disturbance .


I recieved a call from ABC in New York. That same night Billy and I drove down to LA and were interviewed for the show I Caught. Hopefully we'll be on air on Tuesday, September 11th at 9PM.